Monday, 15 September 2014

Back in Paradise

My goodness! 

Wow - my year in Aberdeen just flew by. And, I will be honest, it wasn't as bad as I maybe thought it would be!! - I had had such a great first year of training here in Shetland that I really felt incredibly hesitant (in spite of my optimistic-self!) about the move south. However, I had two great jobs (psychiatry, A&E) which have taught me a lot for future work in General Practice. And there were a lot of extra-curricular activities on offer, both within and without of the city.  I had the added bonus of living with two good friends, which made the settling in process much easier.

I am now back in Shetland working as an ST2 in General Practice, based at Lerwick Health Centre. So far, so good! I have a super trainer, and very enthusiastic group of experienced GPs at the practice, making for what I feel is a great training experience. And as for the view out of my office window....I can't believe it is real: watching seabirds dive for fish, seals swim along and occasionally have a peerie sun-bathe outside on the rocks, looking out over Breiwick Bay and a wide expanse of water to the south....

We have had an incredible summer here: I have spent a lot of my free time swimming in the sea! We had a charity swim last weekend between two islands. It was great fun, and incredibly well supported by the community. We had a crowd of several hundred people waiting for us at the finish line! As always, the community abounds with endless quantities of activity. Google 'what's on Shetland' for more info, and check out The Shetland Times!

Looking forward to seeing

you at the Careers Fair in Glasgow on Saturday!