Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Back in Shetland!!!

Greetings everyone!!!

My goodness me - where does six months go?!! I am now back in Lerwick, and getting into exam mode: Applied Knowledge Test in October!

I must admit, it was difficult leaving East Otago Health, where I was working in New Zealand. In fact, it was difficult leaving New Zealand full stop!! I really came to know my patients, and really did learn of the importance of continuity of care in this regard. I am very excited for our colleagues Keri and Colm who are shortly heading out to the team in East Otago.

In spite of all I have said above, it really is good to be back here in Shetland. What a welcome I had back at the Practice (Lerwick Health Centre). Great to be back amongst familiar faces. And to see Dylan (my supervisor) to discuss exams and make a plan for the year ahead. The Rural Track training programme really is fantastic, and played a very large role in me ensuring I came back!! On that note, both NES (NHS Education for Scotland) and my training practice were very supportive throughout the whole OOPE experience: I had planned to do a hospital job in New Zealand initially, but they are becoming much more difficult to come by. And so I postponed my OOPE from August until January, which fitted in with taking over from Kate and Chris (Western Isles trainees) who were at East Otago Health before me. - Understanding and flexibility are just another two reasons why I think you should apply for the Rural Track programme.

I did my first mock AKT today on Pastest), which was helpful in targeting particular study areas. Now I need to get down to the study, which I am planning to do through a mixture of on-line modules, reading guidelines, journals and doing lots of questions.

I will leave you for now with a few photos. Good luck to those of you rotating next week!

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